How it Works

Again, our concept is simple, ethical, informative and rewarding to your business. We give you a way to get feedback from your clients confidentially and then encourage positive online reviews from those that were happy with your product or service.

First, sign up for our service. We offer a free 30 day trial (with no credit card required for the trial!). The monthly cost is $9.95 per month cancellable at any time.

What are the benefits to my business?

You get real honest confidential feedback on your business and an automatic way to encourage online positive reviews on third party review websites like Google, Yelp, etc.

Why are third party website reviews important?

One of the parameters that search engines base their rankings on is the number of reviews from third party websites. In fact, they really do not care whether they are positive or negative reviews, the more reviews the better. You, of course, only want positive and hopefully five star reviews for your business which is what we will help you with. Consumers use search engines and review sites to help find you. Many make decisions on whether to use your services based on reviews.